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Client Testimonials - Keller Williams Tracy CA 


The Aguilera Real Estate Team

takes a different approach to real estate.

One that is built on personal touches,

win-win deals, and positive results

for our buyers and sellers.

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Equity Sale: "From the day I inquired on my subdivisions fb site, Lisa responded within minutes and was offering to come look at our home. This was our 1st time selling. She answered all questions timely and made the process easy. Our home had several offers just after a week after being on the market and we received over asking price!! I would highly recommend Lisa and her assistant Robert.

- Andrea M. 07/2015, Home Seller (Tracy, CA)

Equity Sale: Honesty, Responsiveness, Understanding, Integrity, Knowledgeable, Ambitious, and smart as a whip! Lisa and her team, especially Robb, were amazing and helped me sell my house for more than the asking price in a very short time. These folks really EARNED their commissions, unlike others I've dealt with in the past.

- Tom S. 05/2015, Home Seller (Manteca, CA)

Equity Sale, Contingent Buyer: "Lisa went far beyond what was expected to sell our home. We had some very interesting and unique situations with our sale and to say that she was there for us throughout the entire process would be an understatement. I would recommend Lisa and her team (Robert Ruibal) to anyone! They truly made this sale happen!"

- Jodi H. 05/2015, Home Seller & Buyer (Tracy, CA)

Equity Sale: "Lisa is an extremely friendly, dedicated agent that really cares about her clients. Lisa, along with her assistant Robb, make an outstanding team. They both provided excellent customer service and were always available for the numerous questions I had. Thank you!!"

- Mary G. 04/2015, Home Seller (Fremont, CA)

Equity Sale: "We had an excellent experience with Lisa. She worked very hard for us and was personable, knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone."

                               - Carrie G. 03/2015, Home Seller & Buyer (Tracy, CA)

Equity Sale: "A very professional team that made several suggestions to increase the value of the house with minimal costs. The team has a very good understanding of the current real estate market, suggested a good price that netted me three offers within a week of putting my property on the market.  The offer I accepted was greater than my original selling price.  The team was very helpful by providing me with contractors that did excellent work for a very reasonable price."

                                           - Wayne R. 12/2014, Home Seller (Tracy, CA)

Equity Sale: "We found Lisa Aguilera after being LESS THAN impressed with other realtors we contacted to sell our Tracy home. Lisa and her team demonstrated enthusiasm and committment, and provided us with detailed information and analysis of the current market and how our property would likely do if listed. 

After listing our property with the Aguilera team, we were provided with regular updates on what they were doing to proactively keep our property visible to other agents and prospective buyers.  

We received feedback from information Lisa's team gathered from other agents and their clients.  Lisa made suggestions and arranged for improvements.  It sold.  

Throughout the listing and sales process, Lisa constantly made suggestions and recommendations on what improvements or repairs we should our should not do to sell the home and end up with the most cash in our pocket with the least expense.

We can not imagine how working with any other realtor team could have produced better results or a more stress free selling experience.  We highly recommend the professional team approach provided by Lisa and the Aguilera Real Estate Team."

-Brian L. 09/2014, Home Seller (Tracy, CA) 


Equity Sale: "Lisa Aguilera and her assistant, Robert were the best Real Estate Team around. In every category, they at Keller Williams made our entire home selling process both fast and extremely easy. I was informed on a daily basis, and we received world wide advertisement to sell our home. Needless to say, our home was shown and sold in the first few days on the market, AND our home completely closed escrow is less than one month. Highly recommend!! Lisa is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, accessible and well connected in our community. She and her assistant Robert always returned our phone calls in a rapid fashion. I will always recommend this real estate team."

  - Larry & Vicki C. 8/2014, Home Seller (Lathrop, CA)



Equity Sale: "Lisa was our broker on the sale of our house in Lathrop. Lisa and her team were awesome! Every detail was handled for us, she help me negotiate a good price and found just the right buyer. I am going to miss working with her now that my house is sold. I highly recommend her for your selling or purchasing needs."

-Karen A. 6/2014, Home Seller (Lathrop, CA)


Equity Sale: "Lisa Aguilera is a credit to her profession. She listened to our concerns, answered all of our questions, listed in detail step by step procedures as well as when completed. Robert Ruibal provided out of town contacts for signing documents, and even offered to water the lawn. From my own personal experience I highly recommend Lisa Aguilera and Team for any Real Estate needs."

- Andrew R. 5/2014, Home Seller (Tracy, CA)



Equity Sale: "Lisa was in control throughout the entire process. She made this emotional process non eventful. I would use Lisa again to sell my next home. She was very knowledgeable and thoughtful throughout the process."

-Edrico O. 5/2014, Home Seller (Tracy, CA)



Short Sale: "Lisa and her real estate team were relentless in getting our short sale pushed through. When I say relentless I mean it. Our short sale took over 16 months to push through due to the banks inability to cooperate. Without them we would have walked away with nothing. She and her team kept us up to date at every stage of the process. 

Use her for your next real estate transaction. You won't be disappointed!"

- Anthony M. 1/2014, Home Seller (Tracy, CA)



Short Sale: "Lisa is an outstanding real estate agent and a very classy person. I would unhesitatingly recommend her."

 - Isabel M. 11/2013, Home Seller (Stockton, CA)



Equity Sale: "Lisa is the one of the finest, most professional real estate agents I have ever worked with. She helped us purchase two properties and represented us as the selling agent when we needed to sell the second house. I would recommend Lisa without hesitation. She also has an amazing sense of humor which in matters of real estate is a giant plus!"

 - Carol Schroeder  11/2013, Home Seller & Buyer (Mountain House, CA)


Equity Sale: "We had offers within a week of listing and were in contract within 5 days of that. Lisa and Robb were really kind and helpful as I was really with the move on my own because my husband was away on business. Everything progressed without problems, exactly as she had predicted. Thanks to both."

 - Sandra Taylor  10/2013, Home Seller (Tracy, CA)


Equity Sale:

"Helped me sell a home. Lisa and Robb make a great team."

- Paul  10/2013, Home Seller (Livermore, CA)



Equity Sale:  "My husband and I were first time Sellers so we asked our lender if she would recommend a good Realtor. She gave us Lisa Aguilera's information. She said and I quote, "She is a heavy hitter and will get you top dollar. You won't regret it! I guarantee it!" With that being said, we got in contact with Lisa. We spoke the same day and she listened to all our concerns, questions, and thoughts on selling our house. She then gave her opinion, and spoke about how the market was and what would benefit us!

"We recommend Lisa for any type of buyer and any type of seller...First timers, experienced, or even investors.

Lisa is a "Heavy hitter" and she means business, but also and the most important for us was that from day 1 she only had our best interest at hand."

--Rebecca and Cesar, Tracy CA

She was on schedule with everything. She called when she said she'd call, she emailed documents when she said she would and we closed when she said we'd close. Lisa communicated day in and day out, keeping us updated on every aspect of the sale.

Once it was time to go over the offers, she went through each of them helping us understand what it all meant. What would be the best for us, which one was a "solid loan", what we should look for, and what we should question. Lisa answered every silly question we had, and let me tell you that was entirely another job! She was very honest and up front with the process.

Once we accepted an offer, the process started immediately. Appraisals were getting done, inspections done, and documents in. The process flew by... from beginning to end it was only 25 days. We closed days before we thought we would. Lisa said "We'll close in 30 days or less" and she meant it.

We recommend Lisa for any type of buyer and any type of seller... First timers, experienced, or even investors. Lisa is a "Heavy hitter" and she means business, but also and the most important for us was that from day 1 she only had our best interest at hand.

Lisa from the bottom of our hearts we thank you, and are forever grateful for all the work you put in. You are a genuine person, and one hell of a Realtor. I know this is just a job to some people, but we were extremely lucky to have encountered a person with such passion for what they do. You live, and breathe this. We would have been lost without you."

- Rebecca and Cesar Raygoza  5/2013, Home Sellers (Tracy, CA)



Short Sale:  "I had a property in Tracy that was on the market as a Short Sale. Lisa was very instrumental in working with the bank and getting the Short Sale approved. Originally, I was having problems with the bank because of documents being lost or what not, but Lisa and her staff took the workload from me and handled the bank representatives directly. As a result, they were able to get the bank approval and my property was soon on the market for the Short Sale. The whole Short Sale process took about 6 months, but without Lisa's help, I think it would have gone longer. I appreciated all the hard work and professionalism that Lisa and her staff have shown to me and my family!  I definitely recommend her!! Thanks again Lisa for everything!" 

- Abe  1/2012, Home Seller (Tracy, CA)



Short Sale:  "Lisa was referred to us by our housing counselor when the banks would no longer return our calls and foreclosure looked like the only option.  I refer to Lisa as "our knight in shining armor", as she took all the stress away.  Our home was only on the market 3 days and we had 3 offers.  She helped us decide who the best candidate was to present to the bank and we closed in 30 days. It was amazing!  Everyone in our lives couldn't believe we Short Sold our home in such a quick time.  I truly believe it's because of Lisa and her skilled expertise in the housing market. Thank you Lisa!"

- Gina  6/2011, Home Seller (Antioch, CA)




Short Sale:  "When we were faced with not being able to modify our existing home loan, we felt hopeless. We contacted our tax advisor and were told that a short sale may be the best way to find a resolution to our housing troubles. Just about that time, a good friend suggested we call Lisa Aguilera to help us with our short sale. It was the best advice ever!

Lisa came over that same day and we talked about the process and decided to go through with it. Her kindness and professionalism were awesome. She has a great staff that assisted her and they were very supportive along the way and guided us through each step. They let us know what to expect and when. The entire transaction took longer than most sales, but Lisa made it manageable. When we had questions, we got answers. When we were nervous, Lisa calmed us down.

After finishing the sale, we felt as though a huge load was lifted from our shoulders and we are grateful that Lisa assisted us. I highly recommend anyone considering this path to contact her wonder group of people. You won’t be disappointed."

- Doug and Margaret  3/2011, Home Sellers (Tracy, CA)














A Great Team! "Lisa and Robert both work hard, and made the transfer very easy. They are also very thoughtful, and always responded to all my questions promptly."

                                                 - Lin L. 12/2014, Home Buyer (Tracy, CA)

"I bought a foreclosure and the seller (bank) was super difficult to deal with and slow to respond. The sale took almost 5 months. Had it not been for Lisa's perseverance, I certainly wouldn't be living in my dream home right now. Lisa pushed on the seller and had a great working relationship with the selling agent. Had any of these professional attributes not been present, there is no way this deal would have gone through. 

Additionally, at the last moment, my lender failed to perform. Lisa recommended Debbie at iMortgage and unbelievably Debbie was able to procure a great loan, start to finish in 20 days.


If you are looking for an agent that will fight for you and responds to your calls 7 days a week (except when the 49ers are playing), look no further and call Lisa." 

- Mike G. 5/2014, Home Buyer (Tracy, CA)



"Lisa has helped me buy two properties in Tracy so far. She is professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. I trust her in her business judgment - the most recent purchase I have not seen it personally. I highly recommend Lisa!"

 - David A. 12/2013, Home Buyer (Tracy, CA)



"Lisa's knowledge and contacts in the real estate business is what helped me buy a great house at a great price. It was her honesty & integrity in representing my interests in buying a home that impressed me the most. Would not hesitate to use her again."

- Dan  11/2013, Home Buyer (Tracy, CA)



"I was a first time home buyer, had little success with other realtors. Lisa was prompt and went above and beyond the previous realtors and was able to get me into a home within 2 months. A total professional."

- B. Cobb  11/2013, Home Buyer (Tracy, CA)



"Mike and I would like to take a minute to THANK YOU for All your help, time and efforts you put in to helping us find a beautiful home in Tracy. Our family is in love with the house and has been in the pool all weekend. Our 4 year old nephew tells us, “Thank you Auntie Tina and Uncle Mike for buying this house! I love to go swimming here and I told my dad we have to move in with you." Our son was very emotional when he saw his room painted blue and now he can’t wait to bring out all of his Hot Wheels tracks to play with, and not get yelled at by his sister to clean up the room. This experience has been great!!!!!!

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK you so much !!!!!!"

- Mike & Tina Feliciano  9/2013, Home Buyers (Tracy, CA)



"Lisa helped us find a home in a very competitive seller's market and negotiate a good offer that was accepted over several other offers. She is very responsive, knowledgeable, professional, and genuine. It was a stressful process, but she helped us every step of the way. I can highly recommend Lisa."

- Kim  8/2013, Home Buyer (Tracy, CA)



"Lisa helped us buy our home! Inventory was low at the time and she patiently showed us whatever came up in a timely manner!"

- Gregory & Dana  6/2013, Home Buyers (Tracy, CA)



"Working with Lisa proved to be a complete Joy from start to finish – although it has been a year and I still have her on speed dial, so I am not sure “finish” is a word I can use! Not only is she a superb realtor going above and beyond the call of duty she is also a wealth of knowledge about any and all services in Tracy! Need a plumber, she knows a guy… need a painter she has got you covered, need new floors / windows/ landscaping etc., she know someone and that someone lives up to the standards she has set – not only will you love “her guy” but you can trust that they will also provide excellent service with high quality. For me, it was like getting an ambassador to the city, a city she obviously loves and one that loves her right back – her reputation, experience and relationships are all top notch and as a client, you get to benefit from them. I can recommend Lisa without reservation!"

- Teresa  3/2013, Home Buyer (Tracy, CA)



"Working with Lisa is an absolute joy! She went above and beyond to make us moving to Tracy from out of state a breeze. She was very quick to respond to any questions we had, always available to show us homes, and very knowledgeable of the area. She took in all we told her as far as our needs and preferences and found us a home that we couldn't be more excited about. In a market that is ever changing and often challenging, we felt we had an edge with Lisa on our side. I highly recommend Lisa and know I will definitely be calling her next time we're in the market to buy/sell."

- Ingrid  3/2013, Home Buyer (Tracy, CA)



"Very honest, caring person. Will go out of her way to insure you receive the best home possible. Top notch negotiator, gives honest advice to help you find the home of your dreams. I would not have anyone else help my family find a home."

- Jason and Jacquie  2/2013, Home Buyers (Tracy, CA)



"I have gone through house buying in the past and NEVER have I had an experience like I had with Lisa. She is a person who is a go getter and an aggressive house getting individual looking out for MY best interest. I told her what I was looking for and that's exactly what I was shown. She met me at each home every time ON time. She answers every phone call and every question. (And I had many questions). Her patience is to be rewarded as I am not the most patient of people.  I would and DO highly recommend Lisa, her experience, her knowledge and her get it done attitude to anyone, anytime, every time. THANK YOU LISA for the EXACT home I was looking for!!"

- Susan  9/2012, Home Buyer (Manteca, CA)



"We recognize and recommend the outstanding service and the expertise of Lisa Aguilera and her team as real estate professionals.  From our direct buying experience with Lisa, she has demonstrated excellent customer service, excellent market knowledge, and an amazing work ethic, and genuine personal and professional integrity.  We highly recommend Lisa and her team for your consideration as your real estate professionals."

- Homayun and Fariha  8/2012, Repeat Home Buyer & Seller (Tracy, CA)



"Excellent, Professional, and Terrific....thank you Lisa."

- Susan  3/2012, Home Buyer (Tracy, CA)



"My experience with Lisa was excellent. She helped my husband and I find our dream home within our price range. Even after, she has been so helpful and responsive with every little thing that has come up. She put us in contact with an excellent mortgage broker and made sure that we were informed every step of the way."

- Amanda  2/2012, Home Buyer (Manteca, CA)




"We highly recommend Lisa for real estate purchases! She has been our agent for the purchase of 2 homes this year for our family. She’s always there when you need her, an expert in her field, and very dedicated to the community. Lisa’s a wonderful person, excellent real estate agent. Will use again and again in the future!"

- David  7/2011, 8/2011, Home Buyer (Mountain House, CA)




"We used Lisa's services for purchasing our home in Tracy. It was an excellent experience. Lisa is very professional and goes out of the way to help you in your purchase. My wife and I have a lot of respect for Lisa for all her support during and after the purchase of our home. We highly recommend Lisa for your home buying or selling. You will be surprised how a good Realtor can make everything so simple and easy."

- Ali and Shazi  11/2010, Home Buyers (Tracy, CA)



"Lisa Aguilera is extremely knowledgeable in the real estate field. She always had immediate answers to our questions and made our home buying experience headache-free. She took care of any hassles that arose without a problem and gave us the faith and trust-worthiness in her immediately after our first experience with her. She accommodated us with great ease like she has been doing this well over the five years of experience she actually has!

I purchased my home in April 2010 and will recommend all of my friends and family to Lisa."

- Robbie  4/2010, Home Buyer (Salida, CA)






"Lisa is one of the most genuine and honest people I've had the pleasure of working with.  She is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and will go out of her way to ensure that her clients’ needs are met. She is a true professional."

- Virna Hudson,  Owner Fresh Coat Painting (Tracy, CA)



"Lisa is a true expert in the field of real estate. When going through a transaction as complicated as one in real estate you want someone who will walk you through every step of the way and she is that REALTOR. She is also willing to share her wealth of knowledge with the community which is a true sign of a willingness to help people achieve their dreams. When considering agents to represent you, make her your first choice!"

- Hank Wilson,  Realtor (Bowling Green, KY)


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